Kitchenproof and Android

The QOOQ tablet is the first kitchenproof, multimedia tablet, packaged in a unique and aesthetic design.

The QOOQ Tablet... It's Kitchenproof! Because the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home, and because when you enjoy cooking, alone or in a group, you spill and you splash... The QOOQ tablet was especially designed for all of these uses.

The resistant tablet has several specific qualities to make it kitchenproof:

  • - Anti-splash mineral treated screen
  • - Shockproof
  • - Anti-skid base
  • - Moisture-resistant
  • - Protected connectors
  • - Integrated stand

Splashproof and easy to clean

Internet browsing, e-mail and multimedia

+700,000 applications to download!


The kitchen-tested, all-in-one tablet

3000 recipes included

The QOOQ tablet offers a selction of 3 000 exclusive haut cuisine recipes and techniques for all levels. Go ahead and give it a go!

You can find recipes all over: in books, magazines, websites, blogs, TV shows... But finding a GOOD one, a recipe even your mother-in-law will want? It's not exactly easy. Embedded in the tablet are the QOOQ app, giving you access to an exculsive offer of 3,000 recipes and chefs' tips that you can access for the life of your subscription. Because we care foremost about quality, this unique digital cookbook will delight you for a weeknight dinner or a holiday feast. Success guaranteed!

  • - 3,000 recipes and chefs' tips
  • - The Touch’n’QOOQ exclusive format: recipes and techniques with accompanying video, where you can take notes and mangage your recipes
  • - Recipes are adapted to all levels and tastes, hand-seclected by our 150 chefs
  • - Cooking, chopping, sizing, peeling, pastries... clips and tips that rival cooking school
  • - Complete your collection by adding your own recipes with our QOOQ Recipe Manager 
  • - Discover new reicpes in our QOOQ Boutique 

The QOOQ app

A unique digital cookbook, exclusively available with the QOOQ V3

QOOQ Services

On top of its unique recipe offer, QOOQ offers a host of services designed to simplify your life in the kitchen. With QOOQ's services, you'll always have an answer to that eternal question: "What's for dinner?"

Inspire Me!

Depending on what you already have in the cupboards or fridge, the time you have to spend, your culinary profile or your mood, "Inspire Me!" offers a choice of adapted recipes. You can choose your recipes based on time, skill level, or ingredient.

Meal Planner

Organize yourself in advance and plan your menus with QOOQ recipes, your personal recipes or recipes from your friends. In one click, you can automatically generate the associated shopping list.

Modifiable Shopping Lists

Find all the ingredients you need to make your recipes and adjust the quantities based on your needs. Need to add toothpaste to the list? No problem -- add it yourself.

The QOOQ app

Everything you need to help you eat better everyday

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Internet browsing, e-mail and multimedia

The QOOQ tablet offers all of the multimedia features you'd find with a state-of-the-art tablet, including back and front photo/video cameras.

+700,000 applications to download!

With Android Kit-Kat 4.4.2, find all of your favorite apps, a selection of widgets and even more apps to download via Google Play.

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Technical Description

With its modern design and top-of-the-line mobile technology, the QOOQ tablet was especially designed for the kitchen, but it will suit all of your needs!

10" Screen

16 Go

Dual camera photo + video

Quadcore processor

Wifi + Bluetooth

Micro USB + Micro SD + Micro HDMI

Android™ 4.4.2

Stereo sound


The Kitchenproof tablet: 3,000 exclusive QOOQ recipes included / Kitchen essential services / All of the features of an Android tablet

Tablette QOOQ V3 rouge face accueil
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Regular Price: $499
Special Price: $349
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Color : White
Regular Price: $499
Special Price: $349